Ice skating rink Schwarzwasser

Skating and ice hockey one train stop away

Only one train station towards Bern, there’s the Schwarzwasserbrücke. It’s a bridge spanning a canyonesque valley 65m above ground. Built in 1882, it made the journey from Bern to Schwarzenburg much easier than having to go into the steep valley dug by the river Schwarzwasser.
Next to the bridge there’s not much to see, but what’s there is worth paying a visit. Apart from the Restaurant Schwarzwasserbrücke, a traditional Swiss countryside restaurant, there’s an ice skating rink built in 1997.

The entry fee including skate rental is 10.- for grown ups, and 6.- for children. There are also trainings and games of our local ice hockey team, the EHC Schwarzenburg. The team is not playing in the national league, though. If you want to visit a bigger game, you could visit one of the SC Bern, in the largest stadium on the continent, where 16’500 people can be spectators.

Further information by the town of Köniz.
Link to the web page of the EHC Schwarzenburg, has also information about the rink.
Link to the Naturpark Gantrisch page about the rink.