Image gallery

Aussenansicht Ferienhaus

Our holiday home in early autumn.

Eingang und Küche

The entry area and our well appointed kitchen with ceramic glass cooktop.


The dining room with the wood burner. The model was changed recently, you will see the current model in the next picture.


Our fully automated wood burner with eco-friendly wooden pellets. For children, there are a Stokke brand Tripp Trapp® and a similar model available.


Children have their own play dining table. There’s also a range of toys available in the house.


Upstairs, you can see our open living room. The manual wood burner is at your disposal.


Triple bedroom.


Double bedroom.

Aussicht 3-Bett-Schlafzimmer

Early evening view from the triple bedroom.

Aussicht Zweibettzimmer

View from the twin bedroom to the backyard.


Outside view towards the windows of the twin bedroom and the living room.


Patio with a small wooden grill that can be used as a fireplace for a comfortable atmosphere in summer nights.

Sonnenuntergang 1

The triple bedroom has quite a view …

Sonnenuntergang 2

… as the summer sunsets …

Sonnenuntergang 3

… can be quite spectacular.


We also have a great view on the occasional thunderstorm. They mostly occur after hot summer days.


Quite a normal view in January and February. There’s less snow in December and March, and weather gets warmer starting in April.


In autumn and winter, we usually have these guests around. Enjoy the quiet jingle of their bells!